Incorporated in 1991 by a group of technocrats, the mission was to develop niche telecom solutions by using the cutting edge technology and keeping the most advanced markets in mind.
CSPL has continuously grown by implementing specific projects in the fields of software development, telecommunications, medical engineering, finance, energy and business management. CSPL has been a pioneer in Software for Value Addition to Key Telephone and EPABX Systems.

Key Differentiators and Strengths

  • One of the top five companies in India in the CTI segment.
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
  • Ability to work with leading technologies in telecom.
  • In house development & continuous research with more than 17 years of technical excellence.
  • Flexible business models
  • Professional management team with extremely successful ventures pan India.
  • Satisfied customers leading to repeat orders.

Our Mission

  1. Connect India through state of the art telecom services
  2. Provide high quality, innovative and affordable telecom products and services that enhance the development of our nation and ensure high customer satisfaction
  3. Build reputable brand known for its customers’ consideration
  4. Build its managerial capability and man power talent that enables Indian telecom to operate at international level.
  5. Support community and environmental development

Our Vision

  1. To be a world-class telecom service provider.
  2. To be Earth’s most customer-centric company.
  3. Our vision is to be a reliable business partner and stand out in the industry.
  4. We want to offer excellent services with the strength of competent minds and their creative ideas.tran
  5. Where customers can find best Call Center solution and other CTI products at lowest possible prices.