Voice Logger


Quality Control & One for all

Monitor, record, retrieve, review, log and analyze. Dispatch call evaluation that helps improve call taker performance and ease of use. Improved quality management may enhance customer service quality. Simultaneously records multiple channels of telephone calls. Can be deployed on P&T lines before EPABX systems, where it can record all incoming and outgoing conversations. Can be configured to records all calls or selected extensions. The recorded information can be played back or ported to other storage devices like a CD or DVD.

Centralized Backup

Our products such as Callisto Voice Logger, Voice Mail, Fax Server, Call Accounting etc., generate and store lot of critical data. However whenever large corporates use these products at multiple locations, it is crucial to bring all the data to a centralised location for Quality Control, Easy Access and Safety. Cube’s very own Voice Logger In Sync Application takes care of this by copying all data from individual locations to Central Storage System where data can be reliably stored for a longer duration in order to enhance data security and allow the users for centralised access.

Centralized Monitoring & Reporting

Cube Callesto Voice Logger allows to monitor the recorded calls or live calls to keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions for quality control and performance review. The entire voice logs are visible to the supervisor via a GUI-based interface where he can search, download and perform multi-media operations to listen to and analyze the interactions. Export customised reports in just a few clicks. One can also convey the message in visually appealing 2D or 3D charts. It supports a host of recording formats such as MSGSM, PCM 8K, PCM 16K, A Law, Mu Law, VoX depending on use case and storage infrastructure. Various levels of voice quality and compressions. Compression ratio of 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 in VoX format.

Training and Quality Assessment

Real time online monitoring makes it easier for rapidly training new agents and improving quality of service, streamlining dispute management as well as for coherently resolving escalated complaints. Voice logger provides a sound representation of all customer and agent correspondence. Set parameters of quality assessment and train your agents with the recorded data. Enable your agents to build a connection with the customer and understand the bottlenecks in their performance. Agents could be informed of the key metrics and KPI thus implying a better call resolution.


Secure all verbal transactions and meet compliance and legal recording requirements. Customised offerings for Trading houses and traders in markets of equity, bond, and other derivatives. Store your data in voice logger for 6 months and customize the duration as required. This data is encrypted to ensure only authorized personnel has access to voice logs. Save your data in multiple formats to enable compliance with huge storage capacity.